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Mare's milk is fragile, it must be packaged very quickly after milking 

Firfol Zofé, a range of mare's milk cosmetics in Firfol, near Lisieux (14)

The laboratory is artisanal. All products are produced in small series, and with a large proportion of milk in order to provide the skin with all the benefits of mare's milk. The soaps are made using the cold saponification method. Mare's milk is fragile. Quickly, it must be conditioned and transformed. We have developed a preservation process that allows us to have high quality milk that has retained all of its nutrients. To all our formulas, essential oils or various ingredients, such as flower powders, micas, clays, have been added to increase the effectiveness of our products. Thus in this laboratory, all the scents mingle according to the production for the best for your skin. The laboratory is naturally declared at the European level and follows all the standards in force, European, or cosmos.


Mare's milk balms have fabulous scents and are composed of a large proportion of milk: 30%. To respect this ratio, 2 years of research were necessary in order to face the constraints of milk processing, the aim being to preserve all its qualities. So do not hesitate to try our balms. All skin types and all ages can find a Zofé answer: ATOPIC SKIN, YOUNG SKIN, ETERNAL, PIGMENT SPOTS, NATURE the most sober usable on infants or on the most fragile skin.

Dare Firfol Zofé !


Surgras artisanal soaps, composed of 20% mare's milk. 

For the most delicate skin, let yourself be tempted by the NATURE40 soap with 40% milk. Its sweetness and creaminess could make you addicted. Good and gentle soaps for the skin.

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